Chicken Coop Plans for 6 Chickens

If you need chicken coop plans for 6 chickens then you have already decided on a reasonable sized family hen coop.  There is a huge range of designs and plans that can be used to build your coop and I would suggested checking out the hen coops plans that contains loads of different ideas.

There are four main areas that you need to address, each being covered in the hen coops plans guide.  These are location, environment, ease of cleaning and easy collection of eggs.


garden chicken coop for 6

Choosing the proper place for your chicken coop is vital. You need a location where they have sufficient room to move around when awake and a safe, secure room and where they sleep and lay protected. This gives rise to two areas needed for the chickens – the coop and the run.

If you have secure fencing in a smaller garden then you can let your chickens roam free, and they will return to the coop at night.  However this is rarely possible as predators such as foxes, cats, dogs, and the like need to be kept away so usually a fixed pen is made alongside the coop.


The coop itself can be placed against a wall, a fence, or in the open and the design and hen coops plans reflect a range of different layouts for your 6 chicken coop.  Whilst the coop must be safe and functional, it can also be stylish and fit in with your house design using color and choice of materials.  The chicken coops plans are there to give hints and tips or truly personalizing your coop.



tall chicken coopChickens have a lot of enemies. Cats, dogs, foxes, racoons, possums, coyotes, hawks to name a few.  The coop needs to be secure at night so that your hens do not worry; this means they lay better and are more healthy which is what you want.  If you have a moveable run then you may want to ensure that the base of it is secure from rodents.  Quality ‘chicken wire’ is a must but it is widely available and low cost from any hardware store. Remember, chickens are social animals and they like both their own company and that of humans.  Ensure that you let them have enough space to roam and interact with each other and you will have happy and healthy hens.  Many chicken coops are built off the ground so the nighttime safe area for your hens would be above the ground.  This allows you to double up utilizing the ground space as a run, and also allowing a walk-in size run and coop, making it easy to clean and care for.


Chickens coops do need to be regularly cleaned out, and this can often be done as a mix of emptying a tray or hosing out the coop (when the chickens are not in it!)  The 6 chicken coop plans and the larger coops plans start to build in certain cleaning designs that require less time to clean that the smaller coops.  Time spent choosing your plan will minimize your ongoing cleaning time. You will also want to choose a coop location which can be accessed easily by hose and also has adequate drainage.

Egg Collection

fresh chicken eggs

Depending on where you locate your coop, the egg collection area needs to be easily accessible and must be part of you design choice.  Fortunately the hen coops plans have a range of designs that allow you to have the collection area in a place that suits both you and the chickens.


A chicken coop for 6 chickens is an ideal family coop and will provide you and your family with free eggs for life as well as the enjoyment of seeing your birds stay healthy and prosper.  The hen coops plans have a range of 6 chicken designs that will get you set up with minimal outlay, saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on ready made coops.


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